Vaginal Tightening with a Laser

As a consequence of age in women, the collagen fibers in the vaginal skin become fatigued and lose elasticity, muscle tone, strength and vitality. The same happens with facial skin. Therefore, the same cosmetic procedures used to rejuvenate skin and restore it to its former youthful looking state can be used to restore the vaginal tissue health and vitality. At the V Institute, they use advanced laser vaginal rejuvenation and rejuvenation technology to treat our parents. The procedure is a non-invasive laser treatment that does not require the use of numbing creams or sedation (anesthesia).

Laser vaginal tightening

What are the most common causes of the loss of vitality and strength in Vaginal tissue?


Known factors and events interfere with the elasticity and health of the vaginal tissue. These factors include aging, obesity, smoking, surgical procedures, hysterectomy, and childbirth.


What is the procedure for Non-Invasive Laser treatment for Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation?


The first step involves a thorough vaginal exam by one of the V Institutes’s certified physician. Remember, the treatment is non-surgical, and anesthesia is therefore not necessary. After preparation, the treatment procedure begins. The doctor uses a device that emits a controlled laser beam. The laser beam induces a focused thermal heating effect to the inner sections of the vaginal tissue. The heat triggers the contraction of elastin and collagen in the vaginal skin. The procedure stimulates and rejuvenates the two proteins (elastin and collagen) and as a result, the vaginal walls tighten and are restored to an active state.


The laser device used is accurate, and the doctor always regulates the intensity of the laser beam and thus ensuring that it induces vaginal rejuvenation and tightening effectively and at the same time ensuring comfort for the patient.


The procedure usually lasts less than 20 minutes, and there is no pain or downtime following the procedure. Patients may schedule two to five weeks intervals between procedures but most patients report benefits after one or three procedures.


Advantages of Laser Vaginal Tightening Treatment At the V Institute Clinic – What makes it difference?


The physicians at the clinic are experienced, certified and knowledgeable which means that patients are in the right hands.




How about the vaginal tightening Laser technology?


They have up-to-date vaginal tightening laser technology. There is no downtime or pain after the procedure due to the minimally invasive approach to the treatment and method. Patients can resume their normal living immediately after the procedure. Patients achieve better life satisfaction as a result of the procedure. They should expect an elevated level of sensation during intercourse, and improved control over of urine incontinence.